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„Welcome to Voi4mat, where creativity meets innovation. My name is Dominik Casapicola. As a filmmaker, I am constantly on the lookout for new creative techniques to express artistic visions through the power of cinematography. From the pulsing beats of music videos to the captivating stories of short films, I bring my unique vision to every project I undertake. With a passion for capturing the essence of each moment and a keen eye for detail, I am constantly striving to create something truly special. Here, you can explore some of my newest works and see for yourself the magic that I could bring to your next project. So, whether you’re in need of a filmmaker for your next big idea or just want to explore the possibilities of art and film, I invite you to contact me and see where our imagination can take us.“



Raps: Average, Sam, Kayo (Hook), Antrue, Laima, Freistil, Flip, Oj Beat: Concept Mix & Master: Flip Production: Kayonardo Films (kayonardo.com)Camera: Dominik Casapicola