Dominik Casapicola was born on March 13, 1992, in Budweis, Czech Republic. Then he moved with his parents to Austria, where he attended the Bad Ischl School of Tourism. After successfully completing his studies, he worked as a chef in various Michelin starred restaurants, where he perfected his craft and was able to learn from the best in their field.

Besides cooking, he always felt a strong passion for cinematography. That’s why he decided to take a break from his job as a chef and then studied at the Art University Linz, where he specialized in camera work and the production of music videos. Under his alter ego „Johnny Cashless“ he also produces hip-hop beats and has already worked successfully with well-known artists such as TTR Allstars, Dynomite and Average. Dominik’s musical interests are very diverse, ranging from hip-hop to other genres, growing up he was deeply rooted in the psychobilly culture. He still likes to surround himself with people from different musical genres. His music video portfolio is also diverse, with projects in Austria and the US, where he has previously worked with artist MDOT (Pete Rock and Apollo Brown).

In his free time, Dominik still enjoys cooking, and loves spending time on long walks in nature, which provide him with new creative concepts. He’s always on the lookout for new ways to tell stories through visually engaging pictures.

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